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Our Team


Vikesh Kumaar Kataria

(Founder and Chief Executive Officer)

Having worked for over 14 years in this industry in Risk Management Arena as a Risk Manager and an IT Product developer with leading financial Institutions. He is a very enlightened, agile and proficient strategy maker, who has this vision to provide Services which drastically improve the reputation of market for good


Sunil Kumar

(Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer)

IIMK alumni, with work experience of over 15 years in the business with major banks and financial institutions. He seeks to contribute with his knowledge and pave way for new and more flexible financial services for clients.


Sachin Chawla

(Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer)

Highly experienced and knowledgeable with over 15 years of experience in stock market with various Financial Institutions. He is certified Anti Money laundering and cyber crime prevention. Engaged as a visiting facility in Reputed Business firms. He is highly competent and well versed, especially in legal matters and looks forward to exploit his expertise for changing the market.