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Why Brokers Bazaar

Everyone's needs are acknowledged

We have something for everyone, be it brokers, sub-brokers or investors.


Share market is a simple place with complex, and at times intimidating set of rules and regulations. Some of these might not be in your knowledge too, even after a healthy experience. Since learning is an ever going process, enhance your knowledge via our blogs and seminars, stay updated and make a name for yourself at this platform.


Sub Brokers

Now these are one of those hardworking guys who are ever brought to notice or get much appreciation besides their usual commission. Good news for you guys, a software designed especially keeping you in mind,to keep your identity intact along with your hard work. We will encourage you for education and entrepreneurship, in order to grow and expand your reach.



Compare brokers on the basis of reviews, ratings, your preferences (location, services etc). Also get a platform to interact with some very experienced professionals in order to know how to diversify your investments or getting queries resolved.


Want a loan with lesser headache, we are here to your rescue.

No need following banks to get lowest possible interest rates or chasing bank officials to get your loan files evaluated Compare services from a range of of banks and NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Company) and save your efforts.

Use our Span Calculator, Margin reports, EMI calculator & Loan eligibility calculators to just ease your way out (coming Soon) Very simplified, isn't it?


Compare, Research and Decide

When it comes to money, we suggest you to trust no one,but yourself. We provide you with some very smart search and compare tools, with filters designed especially for you, so that you can choose your broker from a thousand listed brokers as per your convenience,be it location-wise or services wise.

Read from hundreds of reviews available about the listed brokers to make up your mind, and invest only when you are satisfied to the fullest.


Our expertise, your Growth

With our experience and knowledge, we will always be available for providing the information you need to know what actually is most beneficial for you, be it loans or stocks. With our experience at your side, it is less likely for you to be fooled by someone in the market. Also, your horizons will broaden and understanding about the market will become much more realistic and logical.


Always there for you

Want help, stuck in shares, feel like being tricked by your broker? Don't worry, we have got your back. We will provide you with some of the very experienced professionals in finance as well as legal matters so that their advice helps you find a way out. Plus get all the information you want about the shares- what are actually shares, how share markets works, how to invest smartly etc here at Brokers Bazaar.


Get ahead

We bring the finance and stock market from stone age to digital era. Become a part of growth and get ahead of others with us.


Simple, smart and quick decision making



Our online platform helps you take a well informed decision in a simple and convenient manner.


No disturbances

Cold calls, spamming, void promises, delays- not here at least. We never disclose our users' contact details with anyone. Plus you don't need to call us again and again for information (no delays as we mentioned ), just personalise your mode of getting the info (via email, call or message), in order to avoid any inconvenience.


No intermediaries

We believe in establishing a direct contact between the customers and service providers ( loan applicants and banks, or the investors between brokers). So no intermediaries, no worries, no misinformation and only smooth sailing.


Get to know what people think

Well this is the thing that makes choosing amongst thousands of brokers or several banks easy- customers' opinion. Don't follow what we say, just pay attention to the customers' reviews and ratings while choosing a broker or while getting a loan financed.


Savings on everything

Be it paperwork, efforts, time or money, we help to make sure you save it all.


Your own space

Give your valuable suggestions, reviews and ratings in order to make this whole platform more transparent and user friendly.

And the best part, the services we provide don't cost you a penny. Yes, search, compare, look for loans, brokers, increase your knowledge, stay updated about the market, at just one click, all for free, unlike those traditional financial planners always looking to make a dent on your pockets. Everything is very simplified, just similar to online shopping.

Get your loans, search for brokers or seek financial advice here, and make your money worth more with us.